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Financial Care for Veterinarians

Protect your Income

In assisting Veterinarians we love those who bring life and health to our amazing pets.  We specialize in working with both small and large animal Veterinarians.  It is our greatest pleasure assisting them with an education on how to protect their income first, and foremost, as the statistics show a long-term disability claim happens far more often than death.  As a second mission critical education we cover all of the various life insurance options between Term and Permanent while also walking them through the underwriting process, guidelines, and timeline for approvals.

Protect your Practice

For those who own, or will own a practice, we focus on the core philosophy above, but also add in an education about best protecting their practice from disability with Business Overhead Expense insurance. This type of insurance can pay many of the monthly bills, loans, and even for a replacement Veterinarian so they can continue to see it run and earn revenue while they get better and come back.

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Protect your Partnership

For those who have Partners in a Veterinarian Practice, we educate them on the importance of funding Buy/Sell Agreements. Through life and disability Insurance solutions we allow a Partner the ability to buy out the other in the event of such a tragedy.  When structured properly, the proceeds of a death can be used to pay off the equity share to the family of the deceased while potentially having enough of a benefit leftover to replace the deceased Partner.  For a permanent disability of a Partner a lump-sum can be paid out to allow them to leave the business and get their equity from it.  This is all done so that money from Practice cash flow or savings does not need to be utilized to fulfill such obligations.

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