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Financial Care for Physicians

Doctor Talking to Boy in Wheelchair

Wealthcare Financials works tirelessly in assisting Physicians of almost all specialties and we are proud to work with those who take care of us. Having dedicated your life to service, we feel it's only right we serve you. Through education on some of the most pressing issues, like death and disability, our experienced team walks you through every step from education to underwriting, guidelines, and timeline for approvals. Knowing your job is hard enough, we make protecting yourself and your loved ones as easy and painless as possible!

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

For those who own, or will own a medical practice, we focus on the core philosophy above, but also highlight the importance of protecting their practice from disability with Business Overhead Expense insurance.  This type of insurance is designed to keep the business afloat in the event of a disability. Best known to pay many of the monthly bills, loans, and even for a replacement Physician, this is critical for your practice in such events.

At least 51 million working adults are without disability insurance in the U.S.

The average disability claim lasts 2.5 years.

Only 48% of Americans have at least three months of expenses in savings.

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