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Our Mission

The mission of Wealthcare Financials is to empower those in the medical community to passionately pursue strategic solutions that protect their income, practice, financial legacies, and lives.  We work with Physicians, Veterinarians, and Dentists to educate them on the importance of having a sound plan in place that begins with creating a rock solid foundation to their portfolio, one that is impenetrable in the event tragedy were to strike.  

1 in 4

will have a disabling event before retirement

50% of foreclosures 

and bankruptcies can be attributed to disability

Each second

a disabling event occurs in the U.S.

Assets Under Management

Our Process

We take great pride in helping our clients make sound financial decisions.  We know it is critical to make this process as seamless as possible.  Our clients are guided through a step by step process uncovering any and all financial shortcomings and goals in the first step; our fact-finding meeting.  With over a decade of experience, these discoveries lead to an expedited approach, product and carrier education, and recommendations moving forward. Once a plan is created and agreed upon we typically send a medical professional to your home or work to gather the required medicals.  Next, our staff navigates through the industry jargon, process, and helps every step of the way towards completion. Thanks to our streamlined process most meetings, applications, and even policy delivery can all be done online! Wealthcare Financials is committed to providing excellence in client communication, service, and professionalism.


Our Network

Wealthcare Financials strives to be an industry resource for ambitious Physicians, Dentists, and Veterinarians.  We proudly partner with CPA's, Bankers, and Attorneys with a set of common goals and responsibilities to help our clients. Wealthcare Financials understands the importance of a strong network so we work hand in hand with other professionals to help mitigate risk, protect your future, and allow our clients to do what they do best each day for their patients. 

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